Friday, February 16, 2007

Subtle romanticisms {Part III}

There is a subtle romantic poet in everyone of us and it is absolutely beyond my understanding as to why the people with high IQ tend to kill this instince within themselves and continue to look down upon the people who let these instincts manifest. I have heard a milion times from such people the lectures regarding the diplomacy and the sophistication achieved in public life by not allowing the emotions to rule actions and by not manifesting the poetic instincts. Anyway since I dont belong to this upper strata I really dont understand what all this is supposed to mean.

ANyway whether fortunately or unfortunately my life has brought me to close interactions with many of the people of this upper strata. The best of such interactions was with a guy called Parijat Sen . { In case you dont know him then give a Google search on his name and follow the links that come up from the HBCSE web-page and soem shall know all about this magnificient guy I have got to know..}

The point is that Parijat although has almost all the typical features associated with that strata of indian intellectuals recently did something very astonishing and I would like to record it. This hard core proffessional academic on the New Year ( 1st January 2007 ) sent me a poem on sms .

I had later come to know that he had sent that poem to some of his other friends too and I did feel sad about it. But anyway the poem ( although very short..) he wrote was great ( Atleast I find it so ) and highly unnatural from the rest of his character . I type down below the poem that he wrote ::

" A year to come with joy and love ,
A year to touch the skies above ,
A year to love , A year to care ,
A year to remember I am there.

Happy New Year "

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