Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Buzzes on Indian team's winning the Cricket World Cup 2011

As and when my project with calculating some queer notion of "cohomology" in some funny superconformal theories gets stuck, I get back to Buzzing about various stuff. Lets me take my mind off. And surely I was documenting the run up to the cricket world cup win by the Indian cricket team.

For me the important thing was not just that the Indian team won but that the final was almost single handedly won by Gambhir and Dhoni. I was especially delighted by the title clinching contribution of Gambhir. What a game to watch and it asserted so many confidences I have had about these two people inspite of the criticism launched at these two people by the crowds in general.

So here are my Buzzes on this historic event listed in reverse chronological order,

* Documentary on Dhoni

* About Gambhir

* Bharat Ratna for Sachin

* Nehera on this last over against South Africa

* The last moments of the world cup final

* Amitabh breaking his superstition with the world cup final

* About Gambhir and Dhoni

* My mother's quip about Dhoni

* About Dhoni and Kirsten

* Why cricket connects so well with Indians
* Reactions of player's families

* The day the Indian cricket team won the world cup

* As the Indian openers collapsed during the final

* Before the India vs Sri Lanka final began

* Someone cycled 1500km to watch the final

* India defeating Pakistan in the semifinals

* Shahid Afridi

* Before the India vs Pakistan semifinal

* Frenzy about the India vs Pakistan match

* India defeating Australia