Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some questions...

Why does a man want to jump into something totally unpredictable and into something whose success chance is too too too thin and lose everything again , when he has only his life left to lose ?

Why does a man want to take the risk of shatterring his mental balance from pieces to dust when he knows that he is dangerously on the edge of losing his sanity ?

Why does a man want to fall in love when he knows that he will be extremely possesive about his lady ? { Although it remains debatable to me whether it is morally and ethically correct to ask one's lady to spend time with you if she doesnt naturally want to. Even this much is not clear whether asking anything from one's lady is ethically correct or should one always wait to be given. }

Why is it so tough to kill oneself ? Why are one's body's mechanisms built so that the person will be naturally inhibited from committing suicide ? At what level of psychological strain are those defence mechanisms of the system conquered ?

Ofcourse one aspect of this question is clear. Those who commit suicide because they were rejected by their lady love are not only stupid but just dont have enough logical reasoning ability to carve out a niche for themselves in this world. Hence the lady was intelligent enough to dump that man.

Is a person's failure in professional life and failure in private life comparable ? Are they proportional ? Are they self affecting ? Is it posible to keep them disjoint ?

Even if a man recovers thrice from being rejected in love can he do the same in professional life ? Isnt professional failure more deep and grave than failures in private life ? Can a man rise from continuous professional failures at a strech for over 6 years ?

Is an ability to master complex and advanced theories in a very short time indicative of research potential or ability to innovate ?

Why must a man pay at every step with his total career for all his weaknesses and flaws in the past ? Why must a person be penalized at every step of his life for all his faults in the past even if he has convincingly overcome them today ?

Why does the system not take into account the self-correcting actions of a man by which a man identifies his own weaknesses and works on them and conquers them and goes on to attain new heights ? Why must a man be penalized for what was once his weakness and now he has gone far beyond those initial bad starts ?

Didnt someone tell me once that "life is a marathon and not a 100m dash" ? Then why must a man suffer as badly for a bad start long back in his history ?

If one must suffer for flaws in the beginning ,then why should a man ever try to correct himself ? Why should a man try if the system is never going to take into account the fact that the man can surpass his own initial limits to set new standards ?

Will a person's ex-lovers feel sad if that person dies today ?

How many people will feel sad if I kill myself ? Other than my mother will there be anyone else ?

How many times can a man sit and watch his maximum efforts being rejected as being ordinary ? After some threshold value does it make sense for that man to try again or shouldnt he quit for the better ?