Saturday, May 19, 2007

Essential love.

Ever since, love and romance and beauty have been an essential part of my thought process. In the scientific field nothing can survive unless it is beautiful. If its beautiful it stands a chance of being correct. Science is driven by the need for beauty in its subtllest of forms. I have always felt that the sole motive of science and life in genenal is beauty. Its a quest for beauty. But we yet dont know whether this is a a quest for the Holy Grail.
I shall not here step into the quagmire of trying to define precisely as to what each of these terms mean and leave it at the hands of fate to choose whether it gets me a reader who interpretes these words the way I do. I hope their meanings , as they appear to me , shall emerge to some extent as a natural outcome of this article.But by and large love in this article shall refer to romantic love. Though I believe in a much broader class of objects to be romantic rather than just the lady love. The is as much romance in connections on a fibre bundle or the quantum fields.Its a matter of the state of mind which determines with how much subtlety one's needs will be satiated
If one is to take a very logical and rational stand over such matters as love and romance etc then one must see that every person has an internal dynamics of various frequencies and all this keep rapidly changing during the teens and such ages. Its only perhaps by the age of 30 or 40 that a person's characteristics stabilize. So from a scientific point of view its best not to think of emotions that one feels at such ages as teens and twenties as something so profound as love but as only a crush or an infatuation. A momentary sensation that will fade away as a small ripple in the vast life that awaits one.

But then on the other hand we are not fully robots be take such a scientific stand about such emotional matters. After all its undeniable that a person feels something different , something special when in such situations. Its an undeniable sense of euphoria or perhaps an utopia. On cant fully wish away the emotional truth by the force of scientific reasoning.
On the other hand one cant really guarantee that the emotion one felt was not love in its true profundity ..the person feeling it could have been intellectually mature enough to have felt so but he/she might have been unaware of it.
Its perhaps a matter of the person's intellectual capabilities to realize whether or not an emotion is profound love or just a crush.

We must also realize that what lies as the greatest strength in a person is his/her power to love someone. Love in its true sense . Where there are no questions asked but all is united in a common flow of thoughts between two. A perfect synchronization by mutual rejuvenation of thoughts.

If we are to believe in Freudian theory then the very essential form of energy in a person is sexual. Its the ability of love someone passionately , the sexual energy that characterizes a person. Then we have the brain which can think and decided how to manifest it. It has to make the choice to manifest this energy in its various forms. The ability to give one's 100% for professional reasons is also a form of manifesting this sexual energy as much it is to give one's time and energy to love someone. Its a choice. Its an optimization on the equation of happiness. Its us who have to make the choice. After all some believe that every joy is sensual. Perhaps it is true.

But then it remains debatable whether there can be love without a passionate facet. Perhaps not. Its the energy which empowers one to give her/his everything to achieve a certain destination whether professional or emotional.
Its the nature of the circumstances that two people fail to strike the required harmony inspite of having a lot of resonating frequencies. But then this is perhaps a triviality in itself. What is non-trivial is the fact that they both have the power to love. A rare ability that very few have.
It doesn't need manifestation to fructify its existence. Its mere presence is a fuel for one's essential intrinsic goodness.
Love in its complete profundity of being in a state of mind where actions are spontaneous without the need for a stimulus or a logical reason ... is precious . Its precious because its rare. Its beautiful because its the truth.
That one can love someone is a proof of his/her inherent ability to love whether or not it materializes. Its a strength that one must cherish.
The sole strength that remains when everything else is gone.