Monday, February 5, 2007

Subtle Romanticisms { Part II }

Imagine the following things :

1. A large cottage house on the foothills of the alps. Its snowing outside and the weather is slightly damp and humid. There is a central hall in the middle of the cottage which has a glass dome and large glass windows . The snow covered alps are visible from the windows and sparkling flakes of snow are sticking to the glass windows . The fir trees far away are swaying to the gentle wind and the flakes are getting replenished as soon as they are getting blown away. The slight drizzle of the rain sounds like a distant murmurs rising from aeon's of nostalgia.

In the centre of this large hall there is a large grand piano . It is made of black-brown mahogany wood. The rain cleansed sunlight from the far away hills sparkled and diffracted through the snow flakes hit the mahogany wood and set it to glow. A sombre glow of the wood like a deep thought shine of smile on the face of a knowledgeable person who has stood centuries to witness life and earth.

Someone comes into the room and strikes a key. A deep mellow sound resonates across the room and echoes across the alps like a subtle truth reverberated through the approval of ages of thoughts.

The piano starts to play in the central hall and the sound is purified by the shimmer of snow filtered sunlight streaming in through the glass dome high above.


Vipul Naik said...


It seems that your two titles:

* Everyday observations
* Figments of the mind

are not only mutually contradictory, but they also contradict the content and spirit of many of your blog posts, which talk of the subtle, the ephemeral and the extraordinary.


Anirbit said...

@ Vipul

It seems that you are too grounded in the mortal realities of the world and in the precision of mathematical worlds to be able to appreciate that what one observes in the real world is not just what is visible up-front but what one reads beneath them.

Mt blog title clearly states "observations" and not "reports" and hence I observe not like a press reprter but as a afficionado of the celebration called life.

You perhaps see the barren sun burnt grounds of siruseri and lament internally of how beautiful life would have been if you would have been living in a moe posh place . I appreciate in it a small representation of the magnanimous beauty of the Sahara desert or the rann of kutch.

Hence what I observe is far beyong what meets the human eye and is what sprouts with a slight tinge of the figments of the mind.

I hope it clarifies that there is no contradiction.

When you look at the complex plane do you just see a differently dressed up R2 or a riemann sphere ?...which I consider is a beautiful construction and a grand figment of riemann's mind ?

When you looks at an ellipse and a line going past it not intersecting it dont you observe that in the complex projective space everything would intersect ?..which is again an observation and the CP(n) is a figment of the human mind that substantiates the observation.

I hope the controversy is settled.

Ravitej said...

seriously, Anirbit ... you have gone beyond the realms of the so called petty human mind. Well, as for your referring to blog as "Mt Blog"....i think u have seen more than neone through the subtilities and romanticisms(if any, i shall call them petulant...) of blogging (of which my understanding ends at calling it an open personal dairy to share thoughts .....)