Monday, March 7, 2011

Buzz on Rabindrasangeet

Almost as a matter of principle I don't write blog articles of small lengths. (anyway I hardly write anything that most people will call short! Most of my regular emails to my regular contacts are at least 1 page long and not so rarely much more longer :D) I try to ensure that all my blog articles are some accumulated thoughts (hopefully coherent!) about some topic over a long period of time. But in the process of writing blogs over these years I found that apart from these accumulated thoughts there is a continuous stream of thoughts of short lengths which get lost without appearing in public. I believe that every thought which is not expressed at least in private to someone is basically wasted and its best if every thought is made public. GMail Buzz provides a good recording spot for all these and its been an year since I have been Buzz(ing).

Hence if someone of you wants to be tuned into these they can read my Buzz as well. So let me link you to that using as a cue a recent Buzz I wrote about Rabindrasangeet.

As you can see by following up on that link that the Buzzes after that have been on various other topics. Some have been with the intention of highlighting some news article or to advertize for someone's paintings or blogs or on supersymmetric Chern-Simons theory (something I am pursuing these days) and the latest one is about Zorn's Lemma.


Sonali Bhaumik said...

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Satyajay said...
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