Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just an imagination...

Just a few random thoughts. Apologies for the lack of grammatical correction or organization or attempt at coherence.


a cold day with snow all around and frost on the window panes and the mellow dew sunlight filtering into the room through that..and sleeping on a soft white bed under large white quilts the entire day...and green meadows outside over which a black stallion is riding by.

and far away is faintly visible in the fog a series of blue mountains with moss green vegetation on it..and far away one can see some houses where people are cooking porridge and the smoke is rising through the chimneys into the blue sky shadowed with cotton like clouds...and sleeping in the wooden room while thats what the world outside is.

and the only thing that disturbs this melancholic silence is the quaint tune of the flute of the shepherd who has taken his flock of sheep to graze on the pastures on the hills and somewhere far away there is a water fall...the faint sound of water falling onto the hard rocks and frothing up in its desperation to break the rocks...and you sleeping in the bed happily disturbed by these sounds

something exists because humanity strongly believes that it is true
sheer force of imagination can make abstract things tangible reality.
its just like the concept of God. like love, like the end of the universe .. people just believe in these things strongly without any proof of their existence
and these look real to many people.

Its just like suddenly believing that one particular man can change the world. Just like falling in love hoping this lady will change life.
Its temporary insanity and yet we continue to imagine and err.

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Pratish Gandhi said...

"Apologies for the lack of grammatical correction or organization or attempt at coherence." - why dude? It makes sense. Really.