Sunday, October 5, 2008

A very common thing...

Probably one of the commonest things that happen in this world is that a guy happens to see a girl and is floored by her. Obviously almost always it is a mere attraction induced by beauty, elegance or sexual appeal etc. Rarely ever the people are able to immediately distinguish between such a "crush" and true love. Probably it is the nature of life that this inability is intrinsic. Obviously most of these crushes soon beget an immense hope and an acute longing for the other person and soon follows dreams of a long stable relationship based on a crush! Almost always all this dream bubble bursts in no time and the persons are left with a feeling of huge vacuum of defeat and hopelessness. It s obviously not a loss in the true sense of the term but just a waking up to reality from a dream.

And then begins the sequence of blame game where mostly the guy blames the girl for being insensitive or something like that. Most often the interaction would have been so short and so superficial that neither had understood the other well enough to decide about their mutual compatibility.

Girls probably have a tendency to quickly remove themselves from any thing that seems even slightly off-normal and get back to their usual life and guys in general have a tendency to peg themselves onto whatever soft emotion that they chance upon as if their life depended on it.

But at the end of it what amuses me most is that the guys never get tired of falling for the next nice girl they meet and putting themselves through the same cycle as above. It is absolutely mysterious as to what motivates them through such emotional ordeals over and over again.

Is it a deep urge to fill a vacuum in their lives or acute loneliness that guys deeply feel that only a female can fill? Is this ability to endure this cycle somehow intrinsically a part of the arrangement for existence of the 2 sexes and hereby nature trying to optimize that the most compatible kind of people from opposite sexes build relationships. And this optimization is reached through going through a series of such crushes which act like filters?

I wonder and I only wonder.

Somehow I have always felt so very alien to the idea of builing realtionships and my lack of understanding of such things continues. How these things happen seem to be absolutely mysterious to me.


Pratish Gandhi said...

You had some such personal experience? [:P]

Anirbit said...

Obviously yes!

Navoneel said...

on a girl??

Anirbit said...

Obviously yes!