Saturday, August 25, 2007

A stand-alone machine

At times it becomes essential that one learns to live like a solitary machine which takes as input all the knowledge that has been produced by the human race and processes them and gives as output a new contribution to that reservoir.

A machine which works day and night and which works disjoint from everything else as if it is the only thing that exists in the universe and the only other thing that exists is that reservoir of concepts.

A machine which needs nothing more than the basic fuel to sustain itself and which understands nothing else but the purpose for which it produce more concepts. A single , solitary aim of the machine. A complete dedication to the purpose of its creation , a level of dedication which no human being can ever hope to attain since human beings need emotions to survive along with the fuel.Its capabilities are limited by only the program written onto its chip and nothing else.

A machine which by definition doesnt feel or respond to any undulation in this universe except fluctuations in the concept reservoir to which it is connected.

The machine is in a state of solitude and disconnection that it is close to that state of dedication where it becomes oblivious of even its own existence and is aware of only the reservoir and the purpose.

The machine doesn't respond to anything expect fluctuations in the concept reservoir.

This machine is the goal of existence. This machine-state is the purpose of life.

But I am yet to give an output.

The reservoir...The machine...The purpose.

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