Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home Cooked Food

When people say that they do not find the food in places outside their home especially food in hostels as good as at home what they actually mean is not what is apparent .

Its a dislike that stems not from any quantitative aspects of the food like the taste , quality etc but from the inhibitions of the conservative that sits inside everyone of us .

In however small proportion it may be there always exists a small shade of this inside everyone . Here it is manifesting its presence by not enabling the person to appreciate the probable taste and quality of food or at least the sense of adventure in trying out new things like food here .

It creates as perennial bias inside the person towards home food which has no logical basis but is only a small effect of the general activities of this entity in preventing one person from looking outside the barriers of "habit" and the "usual" and "routine" . A small scale manifestation of the conservative activities of this identity within us .

This effect is extremely dangerous when it manifests itself on scales larger than just a dislike for home food ( better to put it as a psychological restrain in trying out things beyond what the person is habituated to ) . This might manifest in the person's inability to accept radical changes in view point in science especially in physics which happen every second . The subject is very dynamics and it is of utmost importance to be able to keep the mind open and to be able to take in and be able to cause radical shifts of view as the perspectives of the subject change radically from time to time .

Even Einstein and C.V.Raman could not accept quantum theory to be the truth of the universe or at least a far better theory to explain the nature than the other theories prevalent then . Even probably the most dynamic of all scientists like Feynman was sceptic of String theory when Murray Gell Mann started proposing it .

Even today in India most of the physicists I have met though have a long experience of dabbling with Feynman's works are not comfortable in looking at the subject from Feynman's view point or in being able to comfortably read Feynman's writings .

None of my colleagues in college look at or appreciate the causality aspect of quantum theory or its deterministic nature that gets shadowed by the more famed indeterministic aspect of the theory . They have chosen to tread the paths along the text-book problems whereas I have always preferred to look at the more global picture of the subject beyond the problem solving approach ( I wonder whether the time I spend looking at the routine aspects is even 1% of the time my collegues spend on it ) which I hope will eventually helps me gain new insights into the deeper connections in the subject with the pressing questions in physics .

I especially prefer to look at the Quantum theory as an independent truth which has its natural existence without any shadows of the "home cooked food" like Classical Mechanics . As usual my collegues dont appreciate this view of mine .

The most crucial vehicle to travel these non-routine terrains is a concept which again is missing from the conventional play-safe approaches that students take, the concept of "Propagator Kernel". A construction which was a brainchild of Feynman and which brings to light the causal aspect of the theory . "Propagator Kernels" are mathematically equivalent to green's functions for partial differential equations . Its only from the "Propagator Kernel " view that it is possible to see how relativistic quantum theory allows a finite chance for a particle to escape the time-cone !! Or to see how a field quantization revolutionizes the concept of a "vacuum" .

Most students study quantum theory through the functional approach to it where the whole theory is reduced to a mundane algorithm of solving partial differential equations and the students totally miss out the theoretic and the conceptual elegance of the bra-ket formalism and people keep practising solving some differential equations whereas the global picture of this philosophy is totally forgotten !!

People believing in the routine approaches keep forgetting that there is a unimodular complex number multiplied to the wave functions ( an aspect which gets dangerously de-emphasized in the conventional approach! since people keep concentrating on the modulus squared and this quantity is soon lost !! ) which contains in reality some of the deepest aspects of nature like the projective space structure of the quantum state space or the the gauge symmetry of the field considered or the deep problem of being able ( or not !) to choose a path in space-time such that the field tensor has the gauge symmetry at every point .

All such restrictive views are larger manifestation of the people not being able to look beyond the usual and the long-term habits and not being able to feel comfortable with food at different places and a perennial basis for home cooked food . A small manifestation of the disastrous psychological block to try out new things and take up the challenges of adventurous exploration .

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